December 18, 2006

Bah, Humbug with a little cheer thrown in

Some good news

Is at the bottom of the page. So you're gonna have to read all this crap to get to it!

Bill Gates says DRM is too complicated

No shit, Bill. When did you work this out then? I buy something and I want to use it as and when I want it. Same goes for Windows, dipshit. I want to do something and you restrict me in what I can do? Who are you, my parents? Idiots. All these people are idiots IMHO.

Is Hollywood going into Celeb Meltdown?

God I hope so. All over-privileged, over-paid people like this need to be given a dose of reality and sharp. (BTW this does not mean visiting some poor African country and going "God, this is horrendous. Oh well, back off to my four star air conditioned hotel now."). And they are all trying to become Scientologists too - maybe they will be taken away in an alien spacecraft and let out the airlocks into the cold harsh vacuum of space.

Robbie Williams hits some kind of form again

I know you Americans don't get Robbie, but the arrogance and enormous self-confidence are an act. And admittedly his latest album (Rudebox) is something of an experiment that doesn't quite work, but his cover of Lovelight is pure electro-pop genius. Stop hating someone because they are arrogant and give the man a chance. And get rid of Kelly Clarkson. And Beyonce (calling her album B'Day for crying out loud. B'Days are for washing your private bits - no-one thought to tell her this?).

Casino Royale kicks butt!

Went to see this with some guys from work. If you've not seen it yet then get out and watch it. Ignore it is Bond (the gadgets are few and far between, the humour is still there) and watch a performance from Daniel Craig that is second only to Connery at his arrogant best. The charm and yet air of simmering violence that surrounds him just means you cannot take your eyes off him and the story is well set up.

The Departed shows ensembles can work

Damned fine film, well directed from a man treading a well worn path but breathing new life into it. Leo, Jack, Mark, Martin and Matt, take a bow. You've done Martin Scorcese proud, and showed that intelligent films can still have mass market appeal.

Blogging is set to peak 'Next Year'

Really? There is this trend of celebrity bloggers now; people who blog and the mainstream media quote from them. Stop it. Now. Bloggers should express personal opinions and should not pander to the masses, but now it seems that they are being used as a supplement to opinions and agendas of people 'in power'. It's all crap and let's be honest about it, a little creepy. I do not seek to influence opinion, but to share my view of the world and provoke debate.

The Capricious Family is growing

We're expecting a Smegul to add to our Gollum. Sally is 4 months pregnant now and her and baby are fine. It's quite something to see the images and hear the little heartbeat, but seriously the next person who thinks its funny to wind me up about twins is going to get punched.

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