January 30, 2007

The Neverending Baby Shopping


Firstly a correction for my earlier ambiguous post. We have not had the baby, we just were told what flavour baby we were going to have. So apologies if that came across poorly.

More baby stuff for you. With just under 4 months left to go Sally has managed to buy almost every baby item going from Toys'R'Us, Mothercare and off the Internet. Some of the items are ludicrous (baby bath bucket anyone? $34 for a pretty sparkley bucket that acts as a bath for your baby, but is not to different to a normal bucket), some are cute (baby clothes, toys, bedding with bears and rockets and space men on it, sleep suits) and some just look like devices of torture (sterilizers, pumps and the like).

As a man, and a fairly laid back one at that, I take all of this in my stride. Sally is organised, has lists of everything going, is crossing things off and generally making sure we're on top of things. It made me wonder what I have to do exactly. Working means the time I have to help buy stuff is limited (big purchases aside) and men are renowned for buying the most impractical stuff going (I have resisted so far). Sure, we do the assembly of things and are concerned with the more technical side of things, but seriously what do we know about these things?

So, I thought, I will be in charge of making sure we have enough consumables. Nappies, wipes, things to make the house smell nice when the inevitable nappy changing goes on, sacks - that kind of thing. Then I was told the baby will rocket in weight in the first six weeks. Oh, and then there is the "what birth weight will your baby be" thing. In pounds too. So your limited in what you can buy clothing and nappy wise. You can see the confusion coming over me.

And then we get the hormonal thing with Sally. I was expecting knives, daggers, guns and her screaming "What have you done to me!!!!!???? Look at me!!! Look at what you have done!!!" while I tossed her a Belgian Bun in an attempt to make it into the house alive whilst she devoured it. It's gone completely the opposite way and really has bought us together more (although the Belgian Bun sacrifice is still necessary because it keeps her happy and makes the baby groove away inside). The affection and the strengthening of our relationship, and with Star really looking forward to it as well is a joy to behold, but the realisation that our family will grow is something that is difficult to describe without sounding clichéd.

I know this might be the honeymoon bit, but I'll take it thanks.

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January 23, 2007

More Inane Ramblings

Baby News

It's a.... mwahahahahahahaaaahhhaaaaaa *cough* *splutter* *cough*.

More later when I recover.

Golden Globes, Oscars, PGA awards...

Where does it all end? All industries love to give themselves awards. It makes them feel big and important while the rest of the world look at them and think "You sycophantic a**es. Just stop it, please." People go to see your films and surely this is all the kudos you need? If not then please park your ego's somewhere and think hard about it. Work out what's important.

I might open a book up on which person is most likely to embarrass themselves with one of the following:

Wardrobe Malfunction
Who is most likely to turn up with the worst dress sense and/or clothing that does not cover all parts of their body?

Most Pointless Speech
The thanking of everyone and everything going ("I'd like to thank The Academy, my co-stars, my director, my dog, my mom and dad, my Tickle Me Elmo, that guy I saw in the rest room earlier..."), the laughter (unlikely), the tears (from the audience, of frustration) and the rehearsed looks of surprise. Ugh.

Crappiest Art House Movie
Need I say more? It's box office takings will double to almost a million dollars and earnest people everywhere will rejoice whilst saying "I told you so! It's a great film! So what about the monochrome photography and subtitles!". We will feel obliged to watch it.

Global Warming
Does Al Gore have a point? He couldn't be less charismatic if he tried sometimes which is a crying shame because, whether you agree with his views or not, he tries to make his point accessible. Now some big businesses have urged Bush to take some action that clarifies the legislation whilst at the same time helping to battle climate change. Apparently different states have different legislation (I am guessing California is quite harsh, for example) and they are arguing that a Federal limit will help.

The irony is that Bush pulled out of the Kyoto protocol agreement in 2002 (I think) and the businesses then backed his decision. Now they have decided it is good PR for them to back this kind of thing. PR. Not about saving baby seals, trees, the planet but just PR. If Bush had done this kind of back-tracking imagine the outcries of "Hypocrisy!" that would ring from the blue section and the cries of "Sell out!" from the red section. I am glad they are at least taking some of it seriously now.

Hillary Clinton = President?
She is going to run. She is assembling a crack commando squad who were wrongly convicted in Vietnam of a crime they did not commit. If you want them and if you can find them then... No? Mr T as Hillary's Secretary of State? ("I ain't getting on no plane." and "Shut up fool!") 'Howling Mad' Murdoch as Secretary for Homeland Security? Faceman running a scam on the House of Representatives? Hannibal coming up with a plan to salvage the economy using just an old tractor, a conveniently placed welding torch and some scaffolding poles?

It seems so unlikely that she will get in, and let's face it - she's as likely to get some under desk action as her husband. I am sure she is a great politician (not person - that is something completely separate) but is the US ready for a woman president? Will it ever be? Will the Clinton legacy attract or scare off voters?

Baby News
It's a... boy. A little 22 week one, but growing and moving. Something so profound about it, so compelling that it puts so many other things into perspective . The opportunity to watch life growing and forming (with all the scans that you get these days) and then the look of delight on the faces of everyone involved or connected to you. The tears when I told my grandma about it and the name we had chosen that so delighted her and my mom's joy at the news.

There is nothing better.

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