February 27, 2006

Celebrity Bitching

Did you know that jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt split up? Did you know that he is now with Angelina Jolie? Do you care?

This whole situation is really pissing me off. First off I would like to point out to Jennifer (or Jen as she likes me to call her) that the self pity thing has gone too far now. I accept that there may be rebound issues, and that in the light of him going off with Another Woman, it may have made you reassess your priorities but continually whining to various magazines (or basically anyone that will listen) sin't going to change the fact that it has happened, and that you have missed that boat now. S**t happens - he wanted something, you didn't - he moved on, you haven't yet. Fine, you wanted to concentrate on your career but, dear, have you SEEN the crap you have been putting out recently?

I hate to say it but she is 36 now and if she hasn't made it in Hollywood by now she never will. 'Friends' is like a millstone around hers (and all the other cast members) neck and frankly it was always going to be something that none of them would ever beat. So whilst she is upset with her situation she should cry quietly into her millions of $, pause to blow her nose on a used $50, and spare us, the public, from more of this.


Hiya Ms Spears. Not got divorced yet? No? You don't read the papers then? Oh,you have trouble with the long words - OK then. Ah, I see - when you're in the car and trying to read the paper when driving it's hard with your son in the way.

Pardon me for asking here folks but WTF happened to her? I never ever liked her music, never thought she was good looking but Oh My God now... Like a train wreck! For an entertainer that had a particular audience (Harvey) that like her for her looks (be honest here people) now she will need a drill sergeant to get her back into any kind of shape to appeal to that market ever again. The whole way her career has gone now seems to consist of a giant fruit shaped object now - it is mistakes compounded by constant errors of judgement. There were some pictures of her taken recently that should have had a Not Safe For Anyone warning attachment on them.

I know I sound shallow but seriously, look at her life now. I feel genuinely sorry for her because she has made these errors and seems to lack good advice, a decent PR person and a s**t hot divorce attorney. I did read that she is happy with her body now and if that is so then good luck to her - but she cannot possibly expect her career to relaunch with her old fan base can she? Perhaps this is all the consequence of having too much too soon and not knowing what to do with it.


Someone please tell Paris Hilton just to be satisfied with her millions and stop inflicting herself on us. We don't care. No one likes spoilt people and particularly those that think they are better than the rest of us because they have money. Fade away and be happy with who you are and what you have.

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Don't Nag Please...

I know - I went MIA for a while and with good reason...

Work began to consume my life and I have been teaching myself all kinds of lovely new technical programming skills... ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So we decided that we needed to look at other options.

First of let me say that I had no idea that the whole considering other options thing would actually be so hard. Previously when making life changing decisions it was not a consideration what other people would think about it. Generally it was a case of tough s**t for anyone else and I would just go ahead and do it, so consequently I have ended up all over the world for one reason or another. Coming to the particular part of the world I am now was not so much a matter of choice as a matter of love - simply put I wanted to be with my wife and so I moved here despite knowing that for me, personally, it would not be the best decision.

Sadly this pattern has continued for the time I have been here. I do a job not because I enjoy it but because it was convenient and suddenly I think I realised that I had never really asked Sally what she felt about any of this. The job was and still is depressing me to the point where I am getting home deeply dissatisfied and unhappy. Not a good situation to be in and you cannot but help to feel a little sorry for the other people involved in your life. Sometimes it is impossible to separate work from home and vice versa - all aspects that make up your life have an effect on all the others.

So I talked to Sally and we decided that I should look at doing something that I enjoyed and that would improve the quality of life for all of us. With Star being at an age where changing schools would not be an issue for her we decided that the overall improvement would far outweigh the potentially negative effects for her and so I cast around.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Despite being out of the game (so to speak) in my chosen field for 3 years it seemed I was still in demand. OK, we looked up and down the length of the country but I was able to pretty much pick and choose interviews in areas that interested us and now we are moving into the final stages of these interviews. The most intriguing aspect of these is that one is abroad - still in the EU but not something that (to be perfectly honest) I would have expected Sally to have gone for. Typically this is the one that she is the most keen on!

Now we are looking at taking the Capricious clan elsewhere. I want to be happy in my work but more importantly I want Sally and Star to be happy in their environment and for us to give our children the opportunity to grow up somewhere that is better than what either of their parents grew up with. We should be better off in every way possible, but the future whilst tinged with a certain amount of uncertainty, is now looking like an exciting one.

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