March 08, 2007

Quick Poll - Return of the Filthy Lies?

I was looking back over my blog and read my Filthy Lies again, and laughed. Probably a good sign.

The question, dear reader, is do I return to writing these or not?

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March 07, 2007

Baby Baby Baby

Hurrah! We have internet access again at home (curse you BT, curse you!!!) and so now I can post utter inane ramblings again.

Baby Jamie is now making a determined effort to make his presence known inside of Sally, usually around the time that she is trying to get to sleep. And he won't turn so in that respect he is just like his sister in that he is stubborn and won't do as he is told. Regular scans of every one to two weeks are now the order of things, but it's good as we get to see the development like we're part of a BBC documentary.

We're now down to buying baby monitors and clothes as well as stocking up on various consumables. We're getting a CostCo card (it's like a big warehouse club discount thing where you buy everything in bulk or at trade prices) so I can have the joy of regular trips there and battle through those queues. Sally is already looking at ways to get out of the house regularly with him as well as things like swimming and these mother and toddler activity groups. There are some baby and dad ones too so I will look into those for weekends mainly so Sally gets a little down time.

There are 11 weeks left until the due date so now it's wait and see.

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Sony Launches, No One Cares

As someone who used to work in the development arena there is this creeping sense of apathy that has been around a long time, before PS3 was announced. A number of factors affect this and it's not just at launch that this has been in evidence.

As games have gotten bigger and bigger accountants and marketing have exerted more and more influence over the development procedure to the point where the development team feel apathetic towards their product. This is for every development team, and the sense of excitement is lost and not translated through to the press. At some point, around the time WipeOut was released and there was this realisation by the marketing departments that they could push the products as a lifestyle accessory the whole attitude towards games development began to change.

When you are top of the pile then people like to try to topple you, and a perceived arrogance just makes people try that much harder. Sony do themselves no favours in how they approach the press and public now. An aloofness from a company that has a number of PR disasters over the last 12 months which have gathered a LOT of press attention is, frankly, incredulous. It is almost like they learned nothing from it.

The price point will also make people think. Wii and Xbox 360 are so much cheaper and can be bought for all the family to enjoy whereas the perception of PS3 is a machine for hardcore gamers with a price tag to match and the marketing people at Sony really missed the mark with that. The personnel changes in Sony over the last 5 years means they have lost a lot of the people who really understood how to market to the so-called "Playstation Generation" and now they are on the brink of losing that generation altogether.

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